Step 1 – Is a Small Change Home right for you?

  • Check out our range of small homes on our website. We have downloadable brochures for all our designs with floor plans, overall dimensions and artist impressions.
  • Call us or send an enquiry via our website to discuss your ideas and to evaluate if a Small Change home is right for you.

Step 2 – Site Visit.

  • We will meet with you on your site and give you an idea of the planning and building regulations that apply to your area. We can also discuss the best Small Change design for your situation and consider any minor changes that may be needed to accommodate your particular requirements.
  • If your Small Change home is for a family member or relative, we would encourage them to be involved in this meeting if possible.
  • Complete the ‘Request for Quote’ form.

Step 3 – Small Change Proposal

  • After we have received your Request for Quote form, we will provide you with a quote for your new Small Change home.
  • If you wish to proceed we ask you to sign a Preliminary Agreement that will confirm your instructions to us to start with the planning and documentation of your Small Change home.

Step 4 - Contract / Construction

  • Small Change will engage any required consultants and prepare documentation for your Small Change home.  During this process we will also ask you to confirm your selections for finishes, fixtures and any other options / works we are including.
  • When documentation is complete we will meet with you again to go though the Building Contract with you prior to signing.
  • Progress Payments throughout the project are as per the standard contract.
  • Construction usually begins within 14 days of Small Change obtaining necessary permits.
  • We will meet with you regularly to update you on progress. We welcome your feedback during this process and aim to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
  • If your Small Change home is being built in your backyard we will work with you to organise safe access for our trades and suppliers so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible. However, you should keep in mind that, while our homes are small (and therefore reasonably quick to build!) the area on your land where we are building will be a building site that we are responsible for.
  • Enjoy the hive of activity as your new Small Change home takes shape – usually in less than 10 weeks!

Step 5 – Completion

  • When your Small Change home is complete we will meet with you for a final inspection to confirm that you are happy with your everything.  Once you have signed off on your Small Change home and made the final payment we are ready to hand over your keys to you. Now you can really Think Big. Live Small.
  • Once you or your family are enjoying the benefits of living small in your Small Change home we hope that you will stay in touch with us and tell us about your experience.  You are the best ambassadors for small house living and we hope that you love it!  We are also here to help if you have any queries or any maintenance issues. We strive for the highest quality work but if you should find something that is not quite right we need to know as soon as possible so we can fix it quickly for you.