Small Change Design & Construction believes that the environmental, economic and social impact of our housing choices should be considered when designing and building new homes. Our homes embody the following principals:

ENVIRONMENTAL – our small homes use less materials, less energy to heat and cool and require less land. All good for planet earth! We have designed our range of homes to integrate passive solar principles so your small home works with the environment and not against it. We also aim to work with material sizes to minimise waste.

ECONOMIC – a small home can be built on a smaller piece of land, which will usually be cheaper than a larger lot leaving you more money to spend on making your small home your dream home! A smaller home also costs less to run – more money in your pocket after the energy bills are paid.

SOCIAL – small homes on smaller lots increase the density of our suburbs, which we believe supports stronger communities. Small homes also allow people to downsize while staying in their community – an important consideration as our population ages.