Frequently Asked Questions

Small Change builds in Melbourne & Geelong but if you are interested in one of our small homes in other areas or interstate, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we now collaborate with several quality builders who can build a Small Change home in your area.

We are happy to have a general chat with you about our small homes but until you have bought land or have land you are seriously considering purchasing, we are unable to offer you firm advice. However, we know the daydream is the first step to making a small home your reality so we can send you a list of things to consider when building a small home. 

We offer an obligation free desktop appraisal of land you have purchased or are considering, so you will know how site conditions may impact the design and build process.

Building a small home behind your existing home will depend on where your house is and what the relevant planning rules are. If you contact us for a consultation we can assist you with an overview of the rules that apply to secondary dwellings in your area.

Yes, we can! We work with you from start to finish and can even organise subdivision if that’s what your project requires. After the build we can also assist with styling and photography if your small home is built to sell or promote for short stays.

Yes, you can! We have a 57m2 Quark in Geelong that we can show you through. You can contact us via our email to make an appointment.

Yes! The standard designs are a starting point and all Small Change homes are ultimately designed for you and your land – a bespoke solution tailored for your needs and to optimise orientation. We are happy to make changes’ to suit your individual situation.

Yes, we can provide an off grid option or partial off grid option depending on services availability.

While we understand that very small homes won’t be suitable for everyone – depending on age and stage of life – we have to set the house size limit somewhere, otherwise our core business philosophy and ethos is compromised! We are able to adapt any of our designs or start fresh for a small family home but we don’t generally build homes bigger than 100m2.

Energy rating is mainly dependant on orientation of glazing. We will adjust window locations/sizes and other elements including insulation, to suit land orientation to maximise energy efficiency. There is often a trade off between cost, views and energy efficiency and we can help you through that decision making process.

No, we build high quality, permanent houses that comply with the National Construction Code (NCC), require building permits (and sometimes planning permits) and are built under complying domestic building contracts by Small Change Design and Construction or the registered builders we collaborate with. Tiny-houses-on-wheels are classified as caravans and do not require a registered builder to build them (although some registered builders operate in this space) and do NOT comply with the NCC. They are not covered by warranty insurance or any of the other legislation that protects consumers who enter into a contract to build a home.


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